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Céline's bakeries and cakes

This section is especially for bakeries and cakes. I've always loved baking as from my childhood. Growing up in a family with two cooks as parents, we baked everything from scratch. Only homemade food at home. For a long time, baking was only for me and my loved ones. Never did I dream of baking cakes for future clients. But I quickly realised that baking was more than a passion, and that I wished to work in this milieu.

So, I started baking and selling cakes beginning of 2020. My first cake that I sold was for a friend's birthday. It was a number cake with a vanilla biscuit and vanilla mascarpone frosting. I was sooo nervous but it turned out, that they loved it. I continued baking for friends, and slowly more and more people were contacting me to bake their cakes and tarts. 

For this reason, I thought this website would be useful for you guys to see what kind of bakeries I have already delivered, as well as showing options you can choose from. Nevertheless, if none of the cakes below are of your interest, please do not hesitate to contact me and tell me exactly what you want. I will do my best to make THE cake of your dreams.

Obviously, every cake is unique and the design of the cakes below are only ideas and inspiration for you guys. 

Please note, that I can bake gluten free, vegan and/or lactose free as per your wishes.

I hope you will enjoy and I would love to hear from you soon,

Much love,


PenultimateFullSizeRender (16).jpg

Mini cakes

I understand that sometimes you crave a little cake, but don't necessarily need a whole cake... that's why I propose mini cakes! What's even better is that you can taste more than one flavour, what are you waiting for?

Vegan pistachio cake

One of my all time favourites.

Pistachio sponges, homemade pistachio butter, fresh raspberries and cashew frosting.

Price per serving.

PenultimateFullSizeRender (33).jpg



Walnut cake

Nutty walnut cake, a hint of cinnamon and mascarpone frosting. Perfect cake for the cold days.

10 servings.

Speculoos cheesecake

This cheesecake is for all speculoos fans. The cake base are oats and speculoos creme amongst other ingredients. The cheesecake filling is fluffy and soft. Available in different sizes as well. 

Price: 25€ for 4 peopée

          30€ for 6 people

          35€ for 10 people

unnamed (7).jpg

mini cakes

You don't want to order a big cake? No worries, I got you! I can make a mini cake for you or your special person.

Starting at 8€.

Mini tartlets

Mini tartlets... aren't they cute? Perfect for the little cravings in between. I made these for Mother's day and filled them with lemon curd and chocolate ganache. Obviously, there are endless options of fillings!


Lemon cheesecake

This lemon cheesecake was so creamy, so good. The base was based on oats and banana. The filling may look very rich, but the cake is actually pretty light and soft. The lemon taste is not too intense.

lemon tartlets

When life gives you lemons... make delicious lemon tartlets. Crispy shortcrust dough, fresh lemon curd and meringue.


Number cake

Mix of red fruits and chocolate on top of a vanilla mascarpone frosting and vanilla shortcrust.

Vanilla number cake

Vanilla number cake with a vanilla mascarpone frosting. Red fruits, bueno's and flowers for decoration.


vegan naked cake w/ cashew frosting

Vegan chocolate cake, red fruits filling and cashew frosting. Drips were not vegan.

12 servings.

Chocolate number cake

Chocolate number cake with a vanilla mascarpone frosting. Lots of red fruits for decoration.

Price per serving.

PenultimateFullSizeRender (9).jpg

Happy cake day

10 servings.

Donuts and mini cheesecakes

Oven baked donuts with some delicious mini speculoos cheesecakes.

PenultimateFullSizeRender (29).jpg
PenultimateFullSizeRender (27).jpg

Double chocolate trouble

Chocolate cake on chocolate frosting... for the hardcore chocolate lovers!

15 servings.

Pika pika!

Pikachu themed birthday cake.

Chocolate cake layers, salty caramel filling, whipped mascarpone frosting.

I love themed cakes, don't hesitate to contact me for any theme!

Price per serving.

PenultimateFullSizeRender (14).jpg

Red velvet cake

Red velvet sponges, red fruit filling and cashew frosting.

Price per serving.

8 servings.

How do you invite a dinosaur to a cafe? tea, rex?

This kind of cakes for children are always so fun to make, tell me what is your child's favorite animal and let me be creative.

Chocolate cake, raspberry filling and praliné frosting.

12 servings.

PenultimateFullSizeRender (7).jpg
PenultimateFullSizeRender (22).jpg

Who let the dogs out?

This cake was for a a little boy who loves dogs.

It was a chocolate cake, fresh raspberry filling and praliné frosting.

10 servings.

vegan carrot cake

PenultimateFullSizeRender (19).jpg

Happy birthday to me

This was my own birthday cake. I wanted to make it girly, yet classy. 

Soft and moist vanilla cakes, fresh strawberries and raspberries inside, cashew frosting. Flowers, fruits and macarons for the final touch.


Cake on a stick! The inside is a vanilla-chocolate-almond dough, covered with some white, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Yumm!

PenultimateFullSizeRender (15).jpg

vegan naked cake

Soft vegan vanilla cakes, fresh strawberry, peach and raspberries inside, cashew frosting. Lots of fruits as decoration.

Price per serving

vegan raspberry tartlets

Vegan raspberry tartlets.

PenultimateFullSizeRender (23).jpg
PenultimateFullSizeRender (17).jpg


Cheesecake with some fresh raspberries inside.

Babyshower cake

Lemon sponges, lemon curd filling, fresh strawberries and a mascarpone frosting.

12 servings.

PenultimateFullSizeRender (10).jpg

Lena turns one!

Soft vanilla cakes, fresh strawberries and mascarpone frosting. 

Price per serving

10 servings.

Please note that you can find more of my cakes on instagram @celineinthekitchen

If you want to order a cake or have any questions, please contact me on one of the addresses below:

- per e-mail:

- on my instagram page: celineinthekitchen

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